Dubai times… Few days off in Dubai. Spent at the gym, running, bikram and eating healthy (but a lot) of food! Throw in some nights out…my first tinder ‘date’ and a few too many drinks at the shangri la and you have yourself so fun memories that make up for the hangovers!
Feeling a bit blah today and DOMs has well and truly set in. Having a rest before the gym and Kuwait turnaround tonight! Ugh who wants to do that on a Thursday night!!! Tomorrow bikram and/or gym and lots of sleep before my late night Colombo! Looking forward to chill by the pool and smash the gym there! Back on the no drinking bandwagon til Brisbane now!! I feel it these days! Plus my exercise and eating has been super good so I want to keep that up!

Amsterdam Feb 2014

Amsterdam Feb 2014

Mlebourne/Auckland Feb 2014! Beach, catch ups with friends, worked in business class, shopping, exploring and lots of exercise and healthy eating!!

End of January 2014

January was a pretty good month for me.

However, Manilla was pretty average. Slept, wandered around the mall, got my tarot read, broke up with my boyfriend and watched Wolf of Wall Street. Wasn’t the best layover, but hey I am alive, young and have learnt a lot!

Got back to Dubai had some wines and went and met some of the girls for drinks at The Left Bank! Definitely needed some girl time and these lovely ladies made sure I had a smile on my face and some hard liquor in my system! Finished the night with sushi, dancing and silliness before passing out on Lauren’s couch!

The next day Sara and Vanessa provided some lovely company and we started the day with a nice run along the beach before lunch at Lime Tree and shopping the rest of the day!

Next two days were spent by the pool, in the sun with Steph at Le Meridian and ShangriLa. Some good gym sessions were also thrown in there. So I was feeling pretty good by the end of the week.
Then all of a sudden it was Friday and I was at Double Decker for a brunch with some girls and we bumped into a group of the boys there! So a fun day was guaranteed!!

Waking up the next morning for Melbourne/Auckland was not so amazing-especially when I had been awake half the day with excitement!

Night out in Dubai! Modelling with my girl Liv!

Bali !!

Jan 2013

January 2014!

Happy New Year!!

I feel like 2014 is a year of change and growth! I turned 25 and have secured a job at an Accounting firm in Perth so that I can make the move back home in June! Time to grow up (just a little) and work towards what I want to be!

Anyway January so far has been pretty lovely… albeit I am extremely poor from not working… whoops! Learnt my lesson there!
So I had some days off to chill, rest, gym and tan! See my girls and boy before doing an amazing Dehli flight I got pulled for from standbye… before heading to my favourite place, China! Ewww!

Although I think I built the flight up to be much worse in my head then it is in real life! The layover was fine, I just slept A LOT and watched movies and went to the gym for a good workout.
Landed from Beijing and rushed home to shower and head straight back to the airport to go on my leave to Bali!!! :)

Ended up getting the Columbo-Singapore flight which was not amazing. Had a few wines to make it a little bit better though! Once I landed in Singapore and took a few cheeky snap chats before realising I had been waiting at the wrong baggage belt for 30min… (okay more then a couple wines!) I then went to check back into the airport for my morning flight to Bali, only to be told I couldn’t check in for 6 or so hours… and while I didn’t eat on the plane to be healthy I came out to realise that only KFC was open… and I was a little bit tipsy.
I then broke my phone and skyped Tash and Steph crying as if it was the end of the world. While they sat there laughing at me!!!

I had a little nap at Starbucks before being able to check in for my Bali flight. And after ‘sleeping’ most of the flight I finally landed in Denpasar 24 hours after leaving Dubai! But it was all worth it once I saw my lovely parents smiling faces welcoming me to the Island of the God’s.

The first two days were spend fixing my phone, eating, drinking, massaging and chatting. After Dad left we continued with the eating, drinking, massages and added shopping into the equation.
Had a (really) big night out which resulted in me falling off a stage and showing off my amazing dance ‘skills’ yep I am wonderful company after a few too many double doubles.

Got a couple days off sun, but enough that I am still peeling now…

Had a great time with Mum! And such a wonderful birthday! I was definitely spoiled with a yummy breakfast, beauty treatments, massages and dinner and drinks in Seminyak! Perfect!

Before long it was time to come back to the sandpit, but not before making plans to head back to my favourite place on earth in May! Lucky me!!

Back in Dubai I did a couple of wondrous and eventful turnarounds (medical cases where I pretty much saved the day-and yelled at people who were discriminating against a man with epilepsy!!) Started my detox which was going swimmingly until I saw my boyfriend and decided to head out for some drinks with some friends. A couple quiet drinks on a Tuesday ended in us being politely asked to calm it down after he and I decided to drink out of his shoe…..
Never a dull moment.

Now a couple more days off before I head to Manilla only to have another 3 days off and a Doha… with a night out planned on the 31st. Hopefully be able to pic up an extra flight to get a little bit of extra cash!

Off to have some late lunch with my friend Maurice now!! Finally caught up on this blog!

Highlights of 2013

2013 was most definitely an amazing year for me! The last 2 years have been the best of my life by far, and what 2012 started, 2013 carried on!
I think the last year really helped me to grow and realise what I want in this life and to see what is important. I have loved, partied, explored, chilled, cried and laughed…

Some highlights would have to be:

TOMORROWLAND!!! Seriously the best 3 days of my life! Words can’t describe how good this trip was and how amazing it was to share this with my best friends.

Seeing my best friend walk down the aisle in the beautiful afternoon sunshine to marry another one of my best friends. I was honoured to be a bridesmaid at this special day and had such an amazing day. It was beautiful see these two wonderful people commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives, you could literally feel the love in the air.

Outlook festival. This was an awesome festival and holiday with my little brother and his gorgeous girlfriend. It was so much fun but even better to have such nice quality time with my brother. Really great to spend so much time and see that amazing man he has grown into.

Trips home! These were amazing. I got to spend so much time with my best friend Meg! She really is like a rock to me. She just gets me and I get her. We have the best times together: whether we are partying or chatting. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.
One of my favourite nights of the year was a casual friday night we spent in her theatre room getting pretty loose!

My first trip to NYC! I have since been 6 or 7 times and it gets no less amazing each and evert time! I love this city so much!! Can’t wait to head there for a proper holiday one day! Let alone getting to some other cities in the US of A!!

Melbourne/Auckland with Natasha!

Meeting ‘The Boys’ who made my last year so much fun! And for also teaching me a lot about a lot of different things! :)

Moving in with my bestie Tashy!! Wow! Have had so much fun since this day… probably a little bit too much fun on a daily basis. But feel so blessed to live with my best friend and have so much fun all the time.

Brunches! So many memories yet so many black spots…

Rekindling my romance with Stephanie!!! And having so many wonderful times together. Lots of nights out at Barasti and Rock Bottom… Amazing chats and general chill time! And her introducing me to the wonderful Maurice!

Meeting Liv and falling instantly head over heels for this mad bitch. Its like I found my twin!

Sevens! It doesn’t need words. Too good.

Meeting a pretty amazing guy. And going on an adventure in Beirut.

There are so many more but these are definitely the standouts!!

More fun times ahead as I embark on my last 4 and a bit months in Dubai before flying back to Perth to begin my career as an Accountant! So excited and so thankful for everything!! :)

#whisky #tea #quote #me #fun #girl

#whisky #tea #quote #me #fun #girl

Happy New Year!!